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Alex Kreutzer is a mainstay of St Peters Springfield’s Parents and Friends Committee. The parent of five, who this year celebrated her eighth consecutive year as Secretary, is the only original member of the Committee still serving since its inception in 2010.

In her role as Secretary, Alex is the cornerstone for correspondence between the community and the Committee, handles administration for meetings, and helps the Committee coordinate vital social events that bring the St Peters Springfield community together.

Alex says getting involved in the P&F all those years ago was an easy decision.

‘I originally chose to get involved as I was planning on sending all five of my children to St Peters and, since our family was going to be around for a long time, I thought it would be good to know what was happening at the school and be involved with important decisions and fun activities that would affect my children.’

She says 2017 has been the Committee’s strongest year to date, thanks to the acquisition of a variety of resources and facilities and a smörgåsbord of social initiatives, all aimed at improving the educational, spiritual and personal growth outcomes of students.

‘[This year] we have aimed to spread our sponsorship and purchasing across music, sports, science and school facilities as well as build on our calendar of social events to ensure families and students have a fun time and get to know each other better.’

Of all its annual social offerings, which include movie nights, trivia nights, discos, dinner dances, markets and stalls, Alex says she is most excited about the introduction of a Teen Trivia Night for Junior High and Senior School students.

‘Our aim was to bring these young adults together,’ Alex explains. ‘It was fantastic to see how much enjoyment they took from each other’s company.’

But that’s not the only new initiative she’s proud of. In response to parent feedback, the P&F installed a second outdoor play area for students in Term 2. Alex says the interactive playground has been well received among younger students.

‘[It] enables students to play more with each other, objects and the environment in a tactile manner,’ Alex explains. ‘It’s a fabulous space that the younger students and also Outside School Hours Care [OSHC] students are able to benefit from.’

In November, the Committee will hold its Annual General Meeting, when it will elect its members for 2018. Alex says the P&F welcomes fresh faces with open arms.

‘We would love to have as many parents, grandparents, relatives and friends involved with the Committee and its events,’ she says.

Relatives and friends can get in touch with the St Peters Springfield P&F Committee at: p&