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St Peters E-learning Coordinator and Old Scholar, Amanda Rablin (Andersen, 1996) is passionate about helping teachers to integrate online technologies into teaching and learning activities.

Amanda sees her role at St Peters as being a compassionate facilitator of change.

One of the designers of St Peters Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) scheme, Amanda is keenly aware of the challenges teachers face in today’s classrooms and enjoys working with them to develop strategies to manage their ‘hyper-connected’ digital students.

"One of the best things we’ve found is students teaching each other," Amanda said. "Teachers can’t know everything about every device but our students often help each other solve their technology problems and in turn learn valuable skills."

Although Amanda’s focus is on teaching teachers she also enjoys working with her Year 7 Digital Technology class.

This new subject focuses on developing computational thinking and teaches students to be creators of digital technologies in order to solve problems. The students also use software like Scratch to develop an understanding of basic programming.

And that’s where her interest in robotics comes in.

"You can buy simple robotic kits quite cheaply and program them to do just about anything," Amanda explained. "You can get them to say something, dance, or interact with their environment just by dragging and dropping blocks of code."

Amanda is assisting with the creation of a technology group for girls.

"There are not many role models for girls who are interested in technology," Amanda said. "I hope I can be a role model for girls who are like I was at their age. Being able to be that person who inspires students is one of the reasons I became a teacher."

Amanda found it strange to work at her alma mater, along with teachers who taught her. Among Amanda’s list of her St Peters role models, she lists Mr Chapman, Senior SOSE Teacher. "You get a different perspective on teachers as a whole person and it makes the memories of St Peters even richer."