Term 4 Technology

Solving a Real World Water Scarcity Problem

Year 7 students engaged in a transdisciplinary unit collaborating with Geography and Science. They investigated the needs and opportunities for communities where water scarcity is a real problem and came up with a sustainable solution. Students showcased their creative ideas to ‘Shark Tank’ panellists. This was a great way to apply innovation and enterprise skills.

An Electronic ‘Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer’ Christmas Cyber Pet

Year 8 students designed and made an electronic ‘Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer’ Christmas decoration cyber pet. The decoration was programmed with its own ‘personality’ so that it reacts in a unique way. They investigated algorithms and programming using Basic, a simple programming language, including using flowcharts and pseudo code to plan algorithms. All electronic parts needed to be soldered onto a printed circuit board (PCB). 

A Prototype Video Game for Children Aged 6 - 12

Year 9 students designed and produced a prototype video game for children aged 6 - 12 and showcased their ideas at the St Peters GamesCom expo on 9 November. They applied project management skills to document and use project plans to manage production processes. Students also used creativity, innovation and enterprise skills with increasing independence and collaboration.

Wearable Tech with Power Moves for Minecraft Games

Year 10 students applied their acquired coding skills in a self-directed electronics project combining the Raspberry Pi, a credit card-sized computer, and the object orientated programming language, Python. They made a piece of wearable tech with power moves assigned to each button to enhance a Minecraft game. They developed independent problem solving strategies as they worked through the design develop evaluate (DEE) cycle while designing and producing a ‘power move glove’.

Gudrun Baessler, Teacher