Visiting Polaris Data Centre

Last week on Tuesday 30 October a group of Years 10–11 students went on an excursion to Polaris Datacentre in Springfield Central. This excursion supports their studies of Information Technology Systems (ITS) in Year 11 and Digital Technology in Year 10.

Not a lot of people know how close Polaris is to our College in Springfield; and the annual excursion has become one of the highlights of studying a technology subject in Senior School. Polaris is widely regarded as Australia’s leading, most modern, highly secure, purpose built and designed data centre. It is an excellent example of connecting course content learnt in the classroom with a real-life professional IT working environment.

Gudrun Baessler, Teacher

The Polaris Data Centre excursion was eye-opening. Although an unassuming concrete building standing by the side of the road, inside is extremely interesting. The amount of redundancy – back-up plans upon back-up plans – inside, to protect their clients’ data, is larger than any other building that we’ve seen before. The server rooms are all locked and only able to be opened by the clients who own them. Overall, it was very interesting and a trip worth going on.

Zac H, Year 10

I am thinking about a course at University in the fields of Engineering, Science and Information Technology. Getting an opportunity to visit a state-of-the-art data centre, combined with a personal, guided tour by the Head of Data Centres Springfield City Group was amazing.

Danielle S, Year 11