Year 5 Skype Hong Kong sister school Sharon Lutheran

The Year 5 students have continued building the relationship with our sister school, Sharon Lutheran School in Hong Kong by taking part in two Skype sessions in the past week with two of their Year 5 classes.

The first session was all about ‘Our Schools’ and the second was about ‘Our Countries’. Our students presented information about St Peters and we learnt all about Sharon Lutheran School. There are some similarities between the two schools, but many differences; which the Year 5s were really interested in and got a chance to ask questions about.

Our students then spoke about Australia and some of our landmarks and history. The Year 5 students in Hong Kong were intrigued by the vastness of our country and asked many interesting questions.

The Skype sessions will continue next term, with students sharing information about food, festivals, theme parks and games.

Carly Lovell and Susan Levitt, Teachers