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At the 2016 Annual General Meeting, the following Old Scholars were voted in to represent members by forming the SPOSA Committee. The committee meets once a month, and governs the direction of the association, finances, events, communications, and other functions of SPOSA. If you are interested in being a member of the committee, or would like to get in touch with the committee, please contact the SPOSA Office.

PresidentJan Hogarth (1979)
Vice PresidentBradley Porter (1975)
SecretaryAnne Fulton (1988)
TreasurerAnna Staley (Peterson 1983)
Regional RepresentativeMargaret Curnow (Neumann 1960)
MemberJames Armstrong (2016)
MemberBen Kaowski (2016)
MemberShannon Lovell (2011)
MemberLlewellyn Jones (1983)
MemberKarel Baum (1976)
MemberJulie Ross (1969)
MemberNicky Boyton-Bricknell (1960)