Lower Primary Sports Club

In Terms 1 and 2, St Peters offers training before school on Friday mornings for students in Years 3 and 4. The sports offered are Rugby, Soccer, Netball, and Basketball. The purpose of this program is to upskill students in preparation for participation in the AIC and Metropolitan Meets on entry into the Upper Primary co-curricular program.


St Peters is a member of the formal inter-school sporting competition known as Associated Independent Colleges (AIC). There are eight schools in this formal competition and matches are played on a rotational basis whereby all schools compete against each other throughout the season.

The list below provides a guide to the sports offered to Years 5–12 boys throughout the school year.

Term 1

Swimming*, Cricket, Volleyball

Term 2

Cross Country* (Training Term 2), Rugby Union, Football, Chess

Term 3

Cross Country* (Carnival Term 3), Basketball, Tennis, Athletics* (Training Term 3)

Term 4

Athletics* (Carnival Term 4), Water Polo

* Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics are core sports.

Other Sports for boys are also offered at St Peters, but they are not official AIC Sports. These include:

  • Golf in Term 4 (single-day tournament), and
  • Rowing in Terms 1, 2.